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Do you want to be able to offer first class search engine optimisation services to your clients, but not want to commit to a full-time in-house resource to focus in this specialist area? 256 million people visited a search engine in December 2006 - this represents 81% of global internet users. [Source: Nielsen/ NetRatings via Search Engine Watch, March 2007].

If you are a web design / development company, digital marketing or public relations agency, the white label / third party search engine solutions from Commercetuned may just be right for you. We excel in the provision of un-branded search engine optimisation work, and will handle all aspects of any online project, from providing quotes to delivery of the work and monthly reporting.

Some of the reasons you may want to utilise this service for your business:

Search engine optimisation requires a dedicated niche skill set

Good optimisers are in high demand and are an expensive resource and investment for your business. If you employ one on a full-time basis, there is a risk that you may not have the volume of work to justify the high salary that comes with having a full-time optimiser working in your organisation.

The service is 'pay as you go'

This means you have access to market-leading SEO resources as and when you need them. No targets, no hassles, just guaranteed first class work delivered within your timescales to both yours and your clients' satisfaction.

We are a dedicated SEO company

Search engines constantly update their algorithms to take various factors into account when deciding how to rank websites, would you have the time or resource to keep on top of this the way a dedicated SEO company like us can?

Expand your services without expanding your spend

Our white label SEO service will allow you to offer a wider range of services to your clients, while having the peace of mind that you've not got an extra member of staff on the payroll and the associated costs with that. If you do get a substantial amount of business from offering our services then you could get a dedicated resource at that point!

Our services are affordable and we charge only for the work that we do

The most obvious question to ask is "would offering our optimisation services be financially viable to me"? The answer is most definitely yes. We provide our costs for each job upfront and this doesn't change during the project, which leaves a very healthy profit margin and mark-up for your business on each job we do together, as you are free to sell our services at whatever cost you see fit

We're not going anywhere

Commercetuned has operated in profit every year since we established in 2004 and our current client and supplier database is extensive, so you can trust that we're not going to disappearing mid-campaign on your clients

Our solutions are cutting-edge

This means you'd have access to a wide range of exciting search innovations such as

  • press release and article marketing
  • blogs
  • rss
  • social book-marking
  • analytics / metrics
  • organic link building
  • optimisation of social media including video and audio (such as podcasts)

We offer full-lifecycle project management

Our service just bolts in to your company's infrastructure, so we offer quotes with a fast, guaranteed turnaround. We provide all information and advice to sales staff and account managers, we can integrate all work, provide consultancy documents if preferred, provide full reporting and conversion analysis on a monthly basis, market leading link building solutions, and we'll even take on your company's email address for a truly 100% professional white labelled SEO service

We've got a proven track record in this market

We currently provide third party services for some of the leading web design, development, marketing, and search engine optimisation companies in the UK today.

We are completely flexible to your needs

We work on many projects with varying scales and requirements. We provide the same quality service for blue chips, multi-nationals, and small businesses. We've found over the years that this flexibility is invaluable, as you wouldn't want to have to take on a temporary employee every time you get large volumes of work or land a lucrative account.

Enhance your corporate brand value

Adding our white labelled SEO to your current range of services is offering even more top quality services to both potential clients and your existing ones.

So does this service sound like something you are interested in for your business? We hope so. Feel free to contact us to discuss any potential solutions we can offer both your business and, in turn, your clients.

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