Our PPC experts are Google Qualified Adwords professionals and are proficient at the creation and management of ad campaigns across the major PPC engines such as Google Adwords, Miva, Yahoo Search, and MSN.

What Are Google Advertising Professionals?

In order to achieve the Google Advertising Professional status, our PPC managers have completed and exceeded the following:

  • Managed at least one Adwords account for 90 days
  • Built and maintained at least $1000 (about £510) total spend for a client over that 90 day period
  • Studied the Adwords lessons and then passed the Google Advertising Professional exam.

More Reasons To Choose Us To Manage Your PPC

Conversion Tracking
We implement full conversion tracking and continually monitor and tweak our client’s campaigns to get the best return on investment in terms of CPC (cost per click) and conversions.
Monthly Reporting
We are able to offer comprehensive monthly reporting that will break down your spend and ROI (Return on Investment).
We Know How To Win Bid Wars!
It takes time and dedication to successfully manage your PPC campaigns, bidding can get frantic and bid gaps can occur many times a day. Do you have the resources and tools to constantly tweak and amend your bidding strategy? At Commercetuned we take the pressure off so that you can focus on what you’re best at – while we do the same.

A Well Rounded Campaign Will Produce Results

We take the time to understand your needs, our business is to make your business grow, we will always consult with you to make sure we understand what you are selling, how you want it sold and who you want it sold to.

After close consultation, our full managed service will include:

  • Find the best provider for your needs
  • Discuss available budget and make suggestions
  • Create an account with your chosen provider and set up the campaign global settings, such as budget and time zones.
  • Review your site and set up ad groups relevant to your products and services.
  • Complete extensive keyword research to add the most relevant and effective keywords to your ad groups, including negative keywords.
  • Write compelling ads targeting important content on your site, we will also suggest content if necessary.
  • Set the maximum cost per click (CPC) dependent on your specified budget and the popularity of the keywords.
  • Consider any advanced aspects of the campaign you might want to use such as the Google Adwords content network, campaign limitations such as when your ads will be shown and position preferences
  • Review and monitor the campaign on a regular basis making tweaks where necessary to ensure the maximum potential is achieved from the PPC campaign.

We believe it is important to always involve the customer, we of course will fully manage the campaign, but we will inform you on the progress of your PPC campaign with regular reports and updates.

A well managed PPC campaign offers great returns and also the opportunity to increase brand awareness. Contact our PPC experts today to discuss these opportunities in more detail.