Unilever CMO Highlights Problem of Talent Siphoning and Channel Complexity

With dauntingly strong competition from the likes of Facebook, Google and Twitter, Unilever CMO Keith Weed Brands has spoken out to urge agencies to make extreme effort to attract creative talent which is being siphoned away.

Speaking at Cannes Lions this morning, Weed said giants such as these are "sucking up creative talent", making the race to attract this valuable resource fiercer than ever before.

He commented: "There has never been such a premium on creativity and that's a real concern for me. Creativity is more and more important to break through the clutter. In the past a young creative might join a big creative ad agency, or a boutique one, but that same talent is now being spread out among the Googles, Facebooks, Twitters and Pinterests of this world - all sucking up creative talent. Then of course there are all the start-ups too."

Additionally, Weed pointed to the increasingly fragmented and complex connected landscape of social, mobile and data as being in great need of simplification if a competitive edge is to be maintained.

This fragmentation he says has led to an unhealthy amount of focus on channel effectiveness and strategy, rather than remembering that the priority has always been what is right for a brand.

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