Survey Finds Increase in UK Consumers that are Tired of Technology Onslaught

A new survey questioning people on their feelings about the Internet of Things (IoT) has revealed a rise in the number of UK consumers who are getting fed up with the constant onslaught of technology.

The IoT describes the push for objects, people and animals to be embedded with unique identification technology that automatically transmits data to devices. The survey found that nearly half of the UK respondents feel they don't need any more technology in their lives compared to 33% who felt this way just six months ago.

This represents a 14% increase in the number of consumers turning away from the technology onslaught, which interestingly corresponds to the rise in public awareness of what the IoT means.

Further findings of the study were that 35% of respondents say they dread having to learn to use another new technology (up 10% since September 2014), while 45% view the IoT as another technology that has the potential to go wrong (up by 9%).

UK consumers support the IoT in certain areas however. In total, 39% of the survey respondents were positive about more connectivity in healthcare (up 10%), 28% about fitness (up 7%), and 47% about home appliances (up 6%).

When questioned about their biggest concerns about technology, as many as 67% chose security, followed by reliability (62%) and behavioural issues such as distracted drivers (47%).

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