Survey Demonstrates UK Consumers Loyal to Brands that Offer Reward Incentives

New research has revealed that shoppers increasingly expect rewards for brand loyalty, particularly women.

The study, conducted by partnership marketing agency Cherry London, surveyed 1,000 UK adults. It discovered that female consumers are more likely than men to remain loyal to a brand, provided they are adequately rewarded. A total of 68% of women agreed that getting rewards keeps them from switching to other brands, compared to 53% of men who had the same perspective.

Additionally, over half of the survey respondents were keen on seeing a brand "invest heavily" in rewarding them for their custom, compared to 42% who stated they were happy with "a little" investment. This indicates that the majority of consumers view brands more favourably if they demonstrate their appreciation with customer rewards.

CEO and founder of Cherry London, Tamara Gillan, commented: "If over two thirds of customers are saying rewarding their custom is so important when it comes to their loyalty then brands really do need listen up."

She added: "It's a fact customers are more demanding and more informed than ever before. Rewards are a hugely important driver of brand loyalty, but it's more than this - creating an emotional connection that matters to your audience is key to success in today's tough marketing environment."

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