Storm in a Teacup over Banned Coral TV Ad

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned the latest TV ad by bookmakers Coral because they say it links gambling with seduction.

Created by DLKW Lowe, the ad showed men in a barber's shop chatting about betting for a race, until their jaws drop when a woman wearing a jockey's outfit that exposes her midriff makes an entrance. The woman then displays a sign with betting odds for a horse, before bending towards one of the men and encouraging him to place a bet by flirtatiously tapping his phone with her whip.

The ASA ruled that the manner of the woman's entrance placed an immediate emphasis on her sexual attractiveness and that the link between gambling and seduction was reinforced by "the sustained influence the character had on her surroundings".

Broadcast clearing body Clearcast disagrees - their view is that the spot was acceptable due to its "light-hearted and unrealistic" nature, and also because the woman did not lead the men into making a choice they otherwise would not have made.

Coral has responded by denying the seduction link. They say that the woman was "dressed in a manner fitting for a jockey" and that the men in the shop were actually made to look humorously foolish because the ad portrayed the female character as being "completely unattainable".

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