Samsung Announces New Products Along with 'Lifestyle' Marketing Strategy

Samsung is angling its marketing strategy to a lifestyle approach, in order to better encourage consumers to buy across all tiers of its product ranges.

In line with this, at their "Premiere" event in London last night, the electronics giant also announced a host of new products with the aim of appealing to a broader range of consumer interests and budgets.

This approach will also take the pressure off their flagship devices which are suffering from increasing competition from Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE.

Some of the new product highlights are a convertible tablet and laptop that runs both Windows and Android called the Samsung Ativ Q, plus two new additions to their Galaxy smartphone range.

Samsung Head of European Marketing, Patric Povel, stated: "What I want to emphasise is the broad range of product innovations. Anyone who says we are not innovating is not watching closely enough."

Meanwhile, industry analyst and CEO of mobile advertising company MassiveImpact, Sephi Shapira, commented: "Samsung is showing good understanding of price-sensitivity, whereas in developing countries, the price point still remains an issue despite service providers' attempt to subsidise higher-end phones. By expanding its offering and device range, Samsung is going after these markets, hoping to gain its own share in sizeable markets such as China, India and others."

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