Refresh of Google Play App Store Announced

As part of their stated efforts to make Google Play more brand-friendly and brand-safe, Google are set to roll out a redesign of their app store platform over the next few weeks.

Google's main aim with the refresh is to improve content discovery through enhanced product recommendations and refining their checkout process.

Group Product Manager for Google Play, Michael Siliski, commented: "The new design focuses on bigger images that jump off the page. Similarly themed content is grouped together so you can hone in on a magazine to read or an app to try."

In February, Google also reported deleting as many as 60,000 apps from Google Play (thought to be their largest purge ever) to demonstrate a crackdown on apps that either spam users or distribute malware. Their overall strategy is to grow consumer trust in the app store by limiting the possibility of branded apps appearing next to those of a dubious legal status.

Unlike Apple which is known for its stringent approval process however, Google does not vet apps before they are allowed to be released on Google Play - they simply run a scan for non-compliant apps after they have gone live.

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