National Helpline Continues Efforts to Stop Nuisance Cold Calls and Emails

As part of their Stop Nuisance Calls campaign and following a recent survey which found that Britons find cold calls and cold-email marketing upsetting, National Accident Helpline is to stop using automatic opt-in email campaigns and reinvest their budget into digital brand marketing.

The study surveyed 2,000 UK adults about what is perceived as nuisance marketing. All respondents agreed they found cold calls distressing, with 40% being bombarded with over nine cold calls on their landline per month.

Additionally, as many as 70% of respondents thought the 'tick-box' system used on websites and online forms are misleading and nefariously trick people into sharing their contact details.

National Accident Helpline is urging the entire personal injury industry to treat opt-ins "more responsibly", and have declared the current regulatory framework around email campaigns to be "weak".

Their Stop Nuisance Calls campaign involves seeking the support of the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Ministry of Justice to combat the ongoing issue of nuisance calls. This they hope will also help with stamping out email marketing in the personal injury sector, regardless of whether it be illegal spamming or "technically compliant" with regulations.

Current UK law states that a company can only be prosecuted for cold calling if it has been proven to be causing "substantial damage or distress". While more than half of Britons received cold calls from international numbers in the past 12 months which are impossible to track, it is hoped that stemming cold calls in the UK will help curb the annoyance.

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