Major Government-Backed Smart Meter Awareness Campaign in the Pipeline

The UK energy industry is set to launch a major 5 year marketing campaign to convince the UK public of the importance and benefits of smart meters - at the cost of £85m, this represents the biggest Government-backed customer awareness campaign since the switch to digital TV in 2012.

With the Government aiming to have smart meter technology in every British home by 2020, they have set up the Smart Meter Central Delivery Body (SMCDB) to accomplish the task. It will be funded by energy companies.

SMCDB is now looking for creative, media and digital agencies to create a new brand identity and positioning for the Internet-connected smart meters. The multi-channel awareness campaign is set to launch later this year and will run nationwide on a long-term basis.

It will communicate how smart meters help consumers cut their energy bills by allowing them to keep a closer eye on their usage. Other advantages of the technology which could be promoted include smart meters automatically notifying suppliers when there is a power cut.

Chief Executive of SMCDB, Sacha Deshmukh, commented: "Our nationwide campaign on the benefits of smart meters will transform the relationship between UK consumers and energy companies. We're gearing up for an innovative campaign which will capture the attention of every British consumer and put them back in the driving seat."

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