Government Aims to Encourage More Smokers to Quit with Revived Campaign

A multi-million pound anti-smoking initiative by the Department of Health (DoH), called Stoptober, is to see a new push - the Government hopes that its latest £3.5m campaign will convince more smokers to quit for at least a month.

Last year, Stoptober saw 160,000 Britons complete the challenge. The latest campaign, developed by the DoH's executive body Public Health England (PHE), will take place for 28 days from 1 October.

Smokers will be offered a range of support through TV, radio, mobile and Facebook activity. PHE says their new campaign differs from last year by adopting a "cleverer use of digital" and more support from major brands such as Boots and Nike.

In addition, while previous Government stop smoking initiatives urged smokers to quit using shock tactics and focusing on the harm inflicted on others, they did not have a clear call to action that could translate into a "collective movement", which the new campaign aims to address.

Marketing director at PHE, Sheila Mitchell, commented: "The success of Stoptober really surprised us last year because it was the first time we created a collective movement to encourage smokers to quit. While some of the campaigns we work on will need to be more informative, for upcoming lifestyle and societal campaigns we'll look at how we can adapt the mass participation model that has worked so well for us already."

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