Future Publishing Creates New Production House to Streamline Native Advertising

In response to growing interest from advertisers for quality sponsored content, Future Publishing has announced it is forming an in-house agency to gain greater editorial oversight of the medium.

Their new production house, dubbed Ngin, launches later this month and will consist of editorial teams that will work on advertorials, promoted posts, ad formats and videos tailored to specific magazine brands.

Future has explained that this creative hub is differs from competitors because it is centred within its commercial division. This means that editors will work closely with both sales teams and advertisers, with the goal of circumventing what the publisher claims is the "church and state" attitude that exists in the print world when it comes to branded content.

This strategy also aims to improve the structure of improvements to Future's digital marketing services offering over the last 12 months. Ngin will allow for more editorial control over branded content appearing across its sites, which is of key concern to media owners that are calling for the introduction of native advertising best practice guidelines.

Digital Commercial Director at Future, Nick King, commented: "Advertisers are starting to realise that careful management is needed to ensure their content is relevant and does not have a negative impact on the online experience by serving readers with unwanted promotional messages... It's not about doing a site takeover and getting a PR release in there. [Through Ngin] we're trying to communicate value to advertisers by having the editorial members drive the creative idea rather than through the sales person who would have freelanced [the work] out to a variety of people in the past."

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