Fashion Brand Firetrap Targets Fresh Audience with Halloween Horror Ad

Urban clothing retailer Firetrap is aiming to attract a fresh target market by launching a horror-themed ad that re-introduces consumers to the company's roots of denim clothing. It will roll out on Monday 3 November via TV and online channels.

The 23-year old brand has enlisted Fold7 and director Ian Pons Jewell to create the ad, which also includes the Firetrap mascot named the 'Deadly gnome'. It is hoped that the 'scary-cool' marketing will appeal to a new generation of fashion shoppers.

Using stop frame animation, the 'Deadly Denim' film features a dark-haired woman with a trance-like stare sitting on a rocking chair with a background setting that looks like a macabre attic in an abandoned house. There are shelves with cobwebs and what appears to be a man hanging from the ceiling behind her. During the course of the clip, the woman causes an old sewing machine to come to life and tailor a pair of Firetrap jeans.

Firetrap Brand Manager, Alicia Adcock, commented on the horror-inspired creative: "Firetrap has great heritage and our challenge was to enhance the edgy, urban personality of the brand. Fold7 and the director have done a fantastic job in interpreting our brief, we're really pleased with how this has turned out."

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