Barclays Sees Progress Thanks to New Strategy for Engaging Content

The interactive marketing director at Barclays, Mark Brayton, has today (February 24) provided insight into the company's fresh strategy to function like a newsroom in delivering new content to consumers within three days of conception.

Brayton stated that Barclays has "transformed" their brand communication, moving from a "microphone" approach of simply pushing out consumer communications to a new strategy based on listening and reacting.

He explained that over the past few months Barclays has started holding "editorial" meetings to facilitate representatives from across the organisation sharing key conversational points and weekly statistics: "Rather than planning campaigns six weeks in advance, we meet on a Tuesday morning to agree on some principle areas. We have all the right stakeholders and channel heads in that room to deliver content within at least 72 hours of that session."

Demonstrating their focus on a robust content strategy to engage with customers and boost acquisition, Barclays has also hired a Managing Editor, former Guardian reporter Robin Lynch, to lead their new content strategy.

Brayton said that they have made "huge progress" in their fresh approach, and therefore plan to roll this strategy out to other departments in Personal and Corporate banking during 2015. Additionally, they will target a younger audience by investing in content creation for other channels.

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