This is a revolutionary service we are now offering our clients, and involves us overhauling the website templates using market leading CSS and XHTML technology. Confused? Ok, this is exactly what this means for your pages and website in general:

Faster loading times
We guarantee we will significantly reduce the file size of the pages we overhaul, and realistically after the work has been complete the pages will load 3-4 times quicker than previously, which improves the user’s experience of the site immeasurably
Brand and code consistency across clients’ websites

We will clean up all the pages on the domain, making sure that the code and content is presented in a consistent way. Many websites don’t look the same from machine to machine, so we fix this too. Our work is tested on Mac and windows platforms, and on a variety of browsers (see cross-browser compatibility quick guide below). CSS & XHTML code is also all validated for correct construction. The code will be so efficient that it reduces the time required for development work on an on-going basis, saving you money.

Cross-browser compatibility guide
Windows Mac
IE6-9, Firefox 1.5 – 4, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome
Increased search engine rankings
If pages are code and script heavy, then your site will not rank as well in the search engines as it could. Spiders (search engine tools for indexing websites) have to work through meaningless code they can’t understand to get to the valuable content that they can, so code-heavy sites put them off. All our CSS work ensures that the code is far less intensive, and the spiders can get to the on-page content much quicker and easier, which in turn means higher rankings
Disability Discrimination Act Compliance
Your website will meet accessibility guidelines as a result of our work which is important for compliancy with the disability discrimination act that dictates that websites have to be accessible to users with disabilities

This service is something that every website can benefit from. There are no drawbacks or potential pitfalls from having the CSS and XHTML overhaul, and the results are alwayspositive in terms of improved search engine placements and accessibility (important for disability discrimination act compliancy).

Contact us to learn more about this special service and how we could benefit your business.