Images can be a distraction for some users, especially if they convey no particular information. Disabling images can also increase page speed, as the amount of items a browser has to download is reduced. Here are some instructions on how to disable images for a variety of browsers.

Firefox for Mac / Windows
Select Tools, then Options (or Firefox » Preferences on a Mac), then from the Content tab, uncheck the option that says Load images automatically. When you refresh the page, all images will disappear, including background images defined in CSS.
Safari for Mac / Windows
Open the Preferences section (from the Edit menu in Windows, or the Safari menu on a Mac). Then select Appearance, and uncheck the option that says Display images when the page opens and refresh the browser.
Internet Explorer for Windows
To disable images on Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then Options and then select the Advanced tab. Scroll down the options until you reach the Multimedia section, and de-select the Show pictures option, click on OK, and then refresh your browser.
Internet Explorer for Mac
Go to Preferences from the Explorer menu, and under Web Content, uncheck the option to Show Pictures, and then reload.
Opera for Windows
Select Tools, then Preferences, and then choose the Web content tab. Finally, from the Images dropdown menu, select No images.

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