"Web 2.0" - Social Media Optimisation (SMO) campaigns

Social media optimisation involves driving traffic to websites through new channels besides search engines. This might include sites such as myspace and YouTube which have revolutionised how we interact with other people online (Web 2.0), being able to share our hobbies, interests, and allowing the world to learn much more about us.

So, just how big is MySpace? Along with Ebay and Google, MySpace was the most visited website in the UK last year (Hitwise). In September 2006, the 106th millionth account was created. The search tool on myspace is used more frequently per month than MSN is for searches. This is by no means a poor reflection on the MSN search tool, rather a testament to the popularity - and therefore marketing potential - of social websites and tools.

Perhaps one of the best examples recently of social media optimisation was of Top Shop, who reportedly acquired around 5% of their total website traffic from their MySpace Profile. This success seems to be related to the targeted offers, i.e. sending Top Shop "friends" special offers and links to targeted pod casts.

At Commercetuned we have embraced this new technology, and our expertise in the medium of social media has led us to start offering exciting new services to our clients - social media optimisation (or SMO) services. These are aimed at complimenting our more traditional SEO and PPC offerings.

Some examples of the possibilities with social media marketing:

Creation and optimisation of My space accounts to highlight your company brand and / or key personnel
This helps create social 'buzz' and means our client's companies and products are effectively being optimised and advertised on the biggest social interaction site on the Internet today
Social book marking services
We make sure your most interesting and important pages and content appear on the most popular social bookmark sites such as Furl, Digg, and Del.icio.us, bringing your brand and services to a wider audience.
Pod casts
Audio search is a very modern phenomenon and represents a medium of contact for attracting new visitors and a different way of expressing your company's message and bringing visibility to your products and services. We optimise audio files to rank well within popular audio search sites
Youtube and video search
Did you realise that the John West advert was viewed over 500,000 times last year through video search alone? Video search represents a ground-breaking method of getting across your brand and products on the internet. We optimise video files and make sure they appear in the most important locations online to bring them to the widest audience

Because of the nature of this medium, each client will require a unique marketing strategy, depending on their goals. Our social media consultants are on hand to discuss the opportunities and ways in which we can optimise for this medium to help achieve your business aspirations. Contact us to find out more!

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