SEO tools

The resources available in this section are all free, and intended to assist webmasters in managing an effective SEO campaign. As we provide these tools as a free service, we cannot provide individual support for them other than the instructions provided - although we're sure you'll find them all straightforward enough!

SEO Page Assessment Tool

This tool gives you an overview of your website based on key aspects of an optimisation campaign. It analyses keyword density, metadata, your (x)html code and also outbound links, which should help you easily identify where aspects of your on-page SEO could be improved.

Google PageRank™ checker

Google PageRank™ is a link analysis algorithm that google use to define rankings on their search engine results pages (SERPS). Use this tool to check the PR of your site, and then use the other tools in this section to do something about it!

Keyword Research Tool

In order to have an effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, you need to know which keywords you are going to target in order to reach the right audience. The Keyword research tool - based on overture stats - helps you analyse which search terms are most commonly used, along with estimates on specific search engine numbers.

Meta Tag Generator

This tool allows you to quickly create meta tags for inclusion in the <head> section of your (x)html document. Some of these tags (such as <title> and <meta name="description" /> are a simple but essential part of any SEO campaign.

PPC Keyword Generator

Used in tandem with the keyword research tool, the keyword generator helps you to define lists for use in a Google AdWords™ (or another) PPC campaign. It creates keyword combinations for you to copy - or download as a csv - in order to help you manage your keywords and ensure you don't exclude any important phrases.

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