SEO Google Penalty Audit

  • Has your website suffered serious Google ranking drops within the last few months?
  • Have you received Google Webmaster Tools warnings about abnormal or unnatural inbound links?
  • Are you concerned about current or past SEO activity conducted on your behalf?

Within the past several months Google have introduced increasingly aggressive algorithm updates that have hit thousands of websites in a way that no previous update had ever done before. Whether you refer to them as "Panda" or "Penguin", these updates radically changed the face of Google search results, crippling a lot of online businesses that had come to rely on Google as a major source of their traffic, traffic essential to their business.

These SEO Google penalties are often incredibly difficult to understand - and therefore reverse - partly because the updates had numerous diverse factors to take into account, but also because website owners may have suffered penalties for optimisation work carried out many years previously.

What may have once been an accepted - and even best-practice - SEO technique to get websites to the top of Google, could now be worthy of penalisation resulting in decimated website traffic levels, and leaving many site owners confused as to what may have caused Google's penalty, how to remove it, and how get back to ranking well again.

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About the SEO Google Penalty Audit Service

As a leading supplier of high-end content and SEO consultancy services, we at Commercetuned have put together the Google penalty audit package. We are uniquely qualified within the industry to supply this service because:

  1. None of our clients have suffered ranking drops or penalties as a result of the Penguin or Panda updates
  2. None of our clients have experienced Google Webmaster Tools warnings as a result of the Penguin or Panda updates
  3. We have 'inherited' clients who have recently experienced Google SEO penalties and so have developed a comprehensive understanding of all the potential causes and solutions
  4. All consultants working on our Google SEO penalty audit campaigns have over 10 years experience in their respective fields (SEO, Copywriting, and Conversion)

What Will Your Audit Involve?

The main focus of the latest Google updates revolved around re-evaluating "website quality", penalising over-optimisation, and punishing websites for "off-site" SEO techniques, namely artificial link-building.

Therefore, the Google Penalty Audit will focus extensively around:

  • Full website analysis assessing content quality
  • Use of internal navigation and site structure
  • Potential penalty areas, such as internal and external duplication
  • Comprehensive review of inbound site links to identify bad links - with a full explanation as to why these links are considered 'bad'- and any bad link building practices

The Price?

The Commercetuned SEO Google Penalty Audit costs only £799.99 (+ VAT). Contact us to register your interest in this service.

What Happens Next?

The SEO Google Penalty Audit is just that, an audit; a thorough website "health check" that we have created in order to help identify specific issues that are known to be associated with severe ranking drops and / or Google Webmaster Tools warnings.

There are various potential next steps based on the results of the penalty audit, but every audit concludes with recommended courses of action based on our discoveries.

Typical next steps could be:

  • link dilution - If we discover an imbalance between "keyword" and "natural" links we could dilute this balance through a number of ethical link growth techniques
  • Contact and removal - We can contact website owners on your behalf in order to remove and delete as many "bad" links as possible. We will then also submit the Google "reinclusion request", providing Google the exact breakdown of all work conducted in order to remove the penalty / warning and restore your search engine rankings
  • Expert Copywriting - Our content team can handle all manor of website copy requirements from writing unique ethical Meta titles and descriptions, to on-site blogs, articles, product descriptions, etc all with a very specific focus around converting visitors into customers and best representing your brand online

Please note - the above steps are not included within the price of the audit. We are more than happy to supply a very competitive quote to help resolve any penalty areas we have identified, but be assured, everything covered within the audit will be clearly explained and transparent and we are more than happy to follow up the conclusion of all SEO Google Penalty Audits with a conference call to ensure you fully understand all the issues we've identified.

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