Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has evolved over the last few years, and whereas once high rankings could be achieved and maintained through modification of the site code, tweaking of the content, and the generating of a few inbound links, it is increasingly about blending the requirements of the search engines, with the requirements of the site visitor, in order to not only drive the traffic to your website, but also to ensure a positive user experience when that person arrives so they understand exactly what services or products you offer written in a language that is clear, easy to understand, and most importantly, appealing. This combination of requirements is why at Commercetuned we now offer our SEO copywriting service.

Why would you need SEO copywriting?

The increasing need for our copywriting service is based on several common factors:

More often than not adding or modifying the copy on your website is something you’d take on yourself, but often there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, so by working with us to provide this service on your behalf you can be sure that the quality and message of your site text will not be diluted, with the added bonus of knowing you are boosting the rankings of your website in the search results, thus increasing traffic while maintaining the existing high standard of your brand for your audience online.
All our SEO campaigns are comprehensive, so we always cover all bases in terms of ensuring all relevant words and phrases to your business and products are identified, but more importantly, optimised for. Frequently this means that not just your current site pages will need optimising for, but also that new pages focusing on complimentary topics will need creating in order to target all the relevant audience and also to make sure that the content served up to your visitors is 100% accurate and relevant to the word or phrase they typed in to Google or another search engine to find your website in the first place. This means that the scope of the copywriting that is required to fully optimise your website just makes it impractical for you or one of your resources to handle themselves.
Search engine rankings are harder to achieve than ever before due to increasing online competition and investment by your competitors on SEO and other online marketing initiatives so using an SEO copywriting service gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the content writing side of your online business is being handled by people with years of experience optimising website copy for high search engine rankings and a proven track record of achieving results.
You may have some knowledge about SEO, and you may have some knowledge about copywriting, but can you be 100% sure you know everything that you need to know about both disciplines to achieve the best results for your website and copy yourself? Being a dedicated SEO company means that we know exactly what is needed to achieve traffic and results.
Paid search benefit
The quality of your landing pages from paid search campaigns is an important factor in determining where you will rank in the paid search results (it isn’t just about the amount you bid), therefore our SEO copywriting service could increase your presence in the paid listings such as Google Adwords without you having to spend more money driving traffic and business from your campaign.

Why use Commercetuned for your copywriting?

  • Over 8 years experience providing market leading SEO solutions both directly to clients but also providing white label solutions to some of the most established Web Development and digital marketing agencies in the UK today
  • Our lead copywriting expert has over 6 years as a web branding consultant, handling all aspects of copy from white papers to product launches to press releases for a wide range of industries including highly technical sectors so you can be sure the copy will be written in a style that will only enhance your brand reputation
  • Commercetuned offer a comprehensive range of SEO services, so there is convenience in having a single SEO company handling all aspects of your campaign from link building, to press release optimisation, to SEO copywriting and having a single accountable company and contact working for you

What is the difference between regular SEO work and SEO copywriting?

On-page SEO work involves the modification and editing of existing website copy to achieve high rankings, such as through increased keyword density on the site pages themselves, what it does not involve is the creation of new copy as this requires more specialist skills relating to tone of voice with the emphasis far more on the style and quality of the writing to turn site browsers into customers, which are the factors that drive SEO copywriting work. As we’ve already mentioned, total website optimisation involves not just modifying the copy that already exists, but also involves the creation of new copy and web pages which is where the use of an SEO copywriter are essential.

How does the copywriting process work?

  1. We establish the volume of work required with the client
  2. We provide a quote for the work to be undertaken
  3. The client completes a simple pre-campaign questionnaire to ensure the work focus is correct in terms of tone of voice and target demographical groups (your audience)
  4. The work is either provided in consultancy form (for integration by your in-house resources or preferred web design company) or in most instances one of our SEO engineers can integrate the work directly into your website ourselves (we confirm whether this can be the case before all work is commenced)

How much does it cost?

All our copywriting work costs are bespoke and provided as a project cost before any campaign is started. This approach is necessary because the level of involvement and expertise differs between market sectors and topics.

All our quotes are 100% transparent and we work closely with all our clients to ensure they have a complete understanding of the SEO copywriting work to be done on their behalf.

Other Copywriting services

Although the primary benefit from SEO copywriting is through the creation of new web pages and / or expansion of existing page copy, there are also many other areas that our work provides value such as:

  • We can write professional standard articles (white papers) and press releases to maximise your brand visibility when combined with our optimisation and distribution service.
  • Ghost writing for client blogs is an increasingly popular service, as there is excellent potential for traffic and business by becoming involved in the blog community, but people just do not tend to get the time required for this approach to be truly effective, as blogs need to be updated several times per week with new posts in order to generate interest, so we can update blogs on your behalf
  • Website conversion audits can be very useful in helping to evaluate both the strengths and weaknesses of your current site and copy as one of the most frequently overlooked areas of website marketing is the analysis of how can your website be improved to turn more of your current visitors and traffic into customers.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information about this or any of our services or for a hassle-free quote.

Search engine optimisation has changed over the years. As a good SEO, you have to change with the times and constantly update the techniques and requirements involved in achieving and maintaining high search engine listings for your clients. One of the biggest shifts over the last few years has been the movement away from code and toward content-based changes in order to improve your listings.

SEO has never been rocket science; successful rankings has always been based on hard work. Now that the focus of that hard work has moved firmly onto the actual content on your website, it benefits everyone – if you have sharp, focused, and relevant content (including multi language content for global audiences) then you’re not only going to get high search engine rankings, but you’re also going to have happy site visitors – you’re giving them the information that they really want.

Who should actually write the copy?

Should the responsibility for content be with the search engine optimiser themselves, or should a copywriter should learn about SEO to fill this common gap within SEO projects? While the client may know their business inside out, they may not have the time to write the necessary focused content – and even if they did, they in all likelihood wouldn’t structure it in away conducive to good rankings. If you are lucky, you can get some SEOs from a marketing background, who can apply their knowledge of conversion marketing to writing the best copy for both users and search engines. On the other hand, a lot of SEO’s have come into the industry via the web design / development route, and may be more comfortable with their head in a database rather than a novel, so here’s where I believe the niche has been created for this relatively new position of “SEO Copywriter”.

So why are SEO copywriters so important?

Basically they’re a slightly different breed to your normal copywriter, because not only do they write for web-users which is a skill in itself, but they also consider search engines when they write. The process a good SEO copywriter will go through when they work on a new project should be something along the lines of the following:

  1. Establish the focus and topic to be written about – Yes this sounds simple – but it’s all about the research, and making sure that you use the best industry keyword research tools to identify not only the most relevant words and phrases to focus on, but also making sure you identify realistic ones. After all, a page of content about the Internet is not going to rank you top of Google, so you focus on the most relevant ‘achievable’ words and phrases that will generate results
  2. Limit the scope of your focus – A good SEO copywriter will never try and focus a single page of content on too much. The best results are achieved by focusing a single page of content on amaximum of 2 unique phrases, otherwise the value of the work is diluted, meaning far less chance of success. You can be sure that for every paragraph you have about a topic, one of your competitors has got 5 pages on it, and you know who will rank higher.
  3. Understand about keyword density and interlinking – Good site copywriting involves understanding key issues, such as the first 50 words being the most important to search spiders (so ensure required keyword density within them), and the value of interlinking between pages on the site using keyword-rich anchor text such as linking with “Hotels in New Zealand” to a relevant page instead of “more information” or “click here“. This approach is also good usability practice.

Beware of the cost!

One warning I would have for anyone considering employing an SEO copywriter is that you should consider engaging an SEO company first – preferably one that has come from a recommendation or a referral – because as this industry becomes more popular, more companies are setting themselves up as optimisation firms and doing cowboy jobs (SEO is rapidly becoming the new plumbing industry in that respect!). The chef reason for this is cost – the day rates or charges some copywriters are selling their services at is way and above the market rates for conventional SEO work. Ask a couple of companies if copywriting is a service they provide or if they have a dedicated in-house resource for this work. This way you’ll get a far better deal, along with the other benefits of a more holistic approach to SEO that a full-service search company has to offer.