Internet reputation marketing

With search engines acting as the gateway to your brand, it is easy to forget just how damaging 'negative content', written by third parties, can be to your reputation. This is particularly true in the age of citizen journalism and the rise in power of blogging communities. A disgruntled shopper or irate journalist, whether justified or not, is capable of tarnishing your image via content that appears in search result listings via a host of content sources.

And thus at Commerce Tuned we have adapted our skill at achieving top rankings and turned it on its head (literally) with an innovative new service that seeks to redress the balance of negative/positive content relating to your brand.

How is this achieved?

Whilst we have no power in removing third party content regarded as 'negative', we can influence the prominence of that page in relation to other terms in the search index through promotion of 'positive' content.

How is this different to our standard search engine optimisation service?

Traditional search engine optimisation has one sole purpose: to promote a single site that ranks highly across a range of relevant search terms. By comparison, our Search Engine Reputation Management service is designed to consider a range of content sources, both negative and positive. Using our expertise of the search landscape we promote positive content at the expense of negative content via a series of unique optimisation techniques that incorporates press, links, social media, and authority sources.

Who is this service for?

Our service caters for all businesses and private individuals whose brand or image has been adversely affected in the search engine results listings by negative content. Given the sensitivity of such a exercise, all campaigns are run on a strictly 'need to know' basis. When available, we liaise directly with the clients marketing and public relation teams to ensure that we maximise the effectiveness of positive messages with a timely and co-ordinated effort.

Why should you use Commerce Tuned to provide this service?

We have over 7 years experience and expertise in achieving high search engine rankings for websites. We understand what works, how SEO has evolved and the need to always stay one step ahead in the optimisation and promotion of websites, hence our impressive client list and high level of customer retention.

If you are interested in finding out more about Search Engine Reputation Management and the benefits it could bring to your brand then please contact us for a informal, yet discrete conversation. All conversations will be held in the strictest of confidence with non-disclosure agreements (NDA) available if necessary.

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