Link building is an integral aspect of achieving and maintaining high search engine rankings in the natural listings, particularly with Google. It has been estimated by insiders that over 50% of all factors responsible for how well Google will rank your website are related to ‘off-page’ factors, so this means the link popularity of your domain is key when it comes to getting on the front page of Google for any competitive phrase.

You may well be asking “why link popularity is regarded as being so important by Google?” The answer is that increasingly over the years, people were able to manipulate the code and text on their websites to achieve high rankings, so mention a word more and you’d rank higher for it, This being far too easy to manipulate, Google switched a lot of the emphasis on to how other websites interact with yours, i.e.

  • do they link to you?
  • what text do they link with?
  • are they an important site?

This is a similar principle to people recommending someone to you, such as a plumber. The idea is that if enough people (i.e. websites) provide a link to your site, then you must know what you’re doing.

What difference can one-way link building can make?

Imagine a specific page of text on your website, with its unique words and phrases on it. You may well rank 50th in Google for a specific phrase on that page. After 6 months of link building you’d rank approximately 10th for the same phrase without changing any content on that page. This is the effect of increased link popularity as Google rates your domain -and everything within it – as higher than it did previously, meaning the on-page code and copy optimisation work is far more effective than it would have been before.

So why use CommerceTuned for your link building campaign?

  • All our link building campaigns for our clients are one-way only, we never conduct reciprocal link building, as this is an artificial technique and easily detected by the search engines, which can lead to penalisation and punishment
  • We operate an organic, drip-feed approach to link building, which is important as it means we avoid artificial or suspicious link growth patterns, hence eliminating the risk of penalisation which can occur with less careful link building / SEO companies
  • The quality of the link, the anchor (linking) text used in the link, the theme of the site or page linking to you, the number of outbound links on the page, and the location the links point to on your site: These are all essential factors in a successful link building campaign, we know link building
  • We rotate anchor text, descriptions, and link delivery locations to important key pages within our clients’ sites. This is important for 2 reasons:
    • it means more pages receive a boost in the search engine rankings other than just the home page (and in turn the pages underneath the sub-pages) which means users are more likely to enter the site at the relevant product page increasing the conversion ratio
    • because it avoids artificial link building patterns, i.e. every link points to the home page, every link uses the same anchor text, with the same description, etc. All factors that can result in penalisation by the search engines
  • We have access to thousands of authority websites, meaning when you are looking for a real boost in your placements and your page rank, we have the inventory to supply the best site links for you and your business
  • Our pricing model is unique within the SEO sector, as we guarantee the number of links we will deliver for a set cost each month. Avoid – at all costs – SEO companies that sell link building by the hour or by the day, this is a hopelessly outdated model and never proves value for money. After all, how can you even guarantee you will receive a single link in a month using this approach? It isn’t worth the risk when you can have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you are getting for your money each month
  • We have forum thread and directory submission packages, meaning your link will appear on only the most applicable forums and directories (such as DMOZ and Yahoo) relating to your brand, products, and services
  • We provide comprehensive one-way link building reports on a monthly basis, so you can see where your links can be found, the page rank, the anchor text, and the link delivery location (where the link is pointing to on your website). We provide clear transparency with all the work we do, so you know 100% of what is being done for you and why
  • We have a proven track record – Our link building strategies and techniques work, we’ve never had a website penalised, can all other link building / SEO companies say the same?

We take link building very seriously, so why not contact us and see how we can eliminate all risk from your link building campaign while providing you maximum benefit, with the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you will receive each month.