Wonga To Give Director Free Reign on Film of Customer Experiences

Following the announcement earlier this week by controversial online money lending service Wonga that they will be producing a movie showcasing twelve customer experiences, the company's CEO has said that they will allow the director free reign, even if there are negative stories to tell.

According to Wonga, Bafta-winning filmmaker Gary Tarn was given "unprecedented access" to the company's customers, and allowed complete creative control in showcasing "a snapshot" of their customer base.

The film, currently in development, is due for release later this year via YouTube and selected cinemas. Additionally, it will be screened on TV, although the exact form of this has not as yet been decided.

CEO Neil Wass concluded: "We hope that the finished film will go some way to challenging people's perceptions of Wonga and debunking some of the myths around the service we provide and who we provide to. However the film is not designed to achieve anything more than simply showing how some people are using Wonga. It is Gary Tarn's film and we hope that critics will appreciate his work on it. We'll just have to wait and see."

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