Virgin Media Business Changes Brand Strategy with Visual and Content Revamp

Virgin Media Business has decided to revamp its brand strategy with a fresh visual identity to differentiate itself from consumer-facing sister brand Virgin Media, as well as to better demonstrate their vision and values.

While keeping to the trademark red, the new brand face will introduce less traditional, more vibrant business colours, including shades of pink and purple, to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, a refreshed logo will place greater emphasis on the business aspect.

The revised strategy will further strengthen the brand for the business audience by adopting the direct, conversational tone-of-voice associated with the Virgin brand, while the content message will clearly drive home the opportunities that Virgin Media Business technology can bring to companies of all types and sizes.

Marketing Director for Virgin Media Business, Duncan Higgins, commented: "Belonging to the Virgin family has allowed us to stand out in the often dry world of business telecoms, but we needed to demonstrate that as technology and the way we work has evolved, the way we work with our customers has changed too."

He added: "We want our brand to reflect the complex business issues our customers tackle day in, day out. The new identity is designed to speak intelligently to IT decision makers while still being fresh and different."

"For us, the crucial aspect of the Virgin DNA is its entrepreneurialism - being able to spot opportunities and capitalise on them in an environment that's often incredibly fast-moving and complex. We need to be seen as much more than an 'extension' of the consumer brand to convey this USP."

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