Top Success Tips Revealed at The Drum's Agency Acceleration Event Today

Marketing industry resource The Drum is currently hosting an event called 'Agency Acceleration Day' at the America Square Conference Centre (17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB).

Designed to address key issues and challenges that growing agencies face, the event includes a wealth of panellists offering need-to-know advice. The management of successful up-and-coming or already established UK agencies revealed the following Top Tips:

Peter Dolukhanov, MD of Nice Agency: "There's a balance you have to bring to look after your clients and your staff while still doing quality work. It's maybe easier to do that when you're a smaller agency, but to scale that and keep that talent pool is really hard but really important in terms of growing the agency."

Rob Shaw, CEO of Epiphany: "Run the business as if it is already the scale you hope it to be. It's important to understand what your aspirations are and to start putting those best practice structures in place."

Tim Williams, founder of Ignition Consulting Group: "It's important to share your vision and plans with your teams, and find the time to communicate with everybody in a way that they're going to be able to understand and personalise so that they can adjust their own objectives to meet your overall business aims."

Nicky Unsworth, CEO and founder of BJL Group: "Naturally businesses become risk adverse, and a bit conservative, and yet business owners and agencies are entrepreneurial. If you can find a way to channelling those risks (the great ideas that come through the business)... putting them in context... and allowing them then to help the business thrive."

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