The Gym Group Looks to Grab Attention of Average People with New Campaign

As part of their rebrand aimed at repositioning themselves from industry pioneer to a leading player in the maturing budget fitness sector, The Gym Group has launched a new campaign.

Created by Dinosaur, the campaign centres on the freshly created brand expression called 'Find your fit'. It strives to differentiate The Gym Group from its competitors and form an emotional connection with average consumers rather than health nuts.

The campaign features the fitness goals of real people and also highlights the development of a new brand and communications platform.

Dinosaur Executive Director, Mark Beaumont, commented: "Value for money will never cease to be a defining factor of The Gym's offer, but we quickly established that alone was no longer going to be enough to keep them ahead of the pack - we needed to give people reason to emotionally connect with the brand."

"Holding a mirror up to the drivers which real people have for exercising allowed us to connect at that deeper level, and avoid the usual sector cliches of body-perfect models, which are unobtainable to most people, and therefore fail to motivate."

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