Tesco Continues Its Attempts to Turn the Tides on Food Quality Perception

With the aim of raising public perceptions about the quality of its food, Tesco is gearing to undergo a revamp of its Finest product range.

While changes have thus far been small in that a limited number of their products have received packaging updates, the full scale of the revamp includes a change to the 'Finest' logo to replace the previous labels.

Tesco has also recently trademarked a range of new products under the Finest name and promises more "exciting things to come" in their efforts to give the brand a facelift and boost its profile.

Meanwhile, as rivalry within the UK supermarket sector continues to be heated, Tesco has already revamped its basic range from 'Tesco Value' to 'Everyday Value' in the attempt to gain market share from competitors. The retailer currently sells more than 12m Finest products a week, and hopes to raise the bar on its popularity levels even further.

In other news, Tesco's efforts to reassure the public after the horse meat scandal with a two-page campaign in the national press has backfired - the Advertising Standards Authority banned the ad for being 'misleading' because it implied that the entire UK food industry likely sold products to consumers that were contaminated with horse meat, rather than it being a few key suppliers.

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