Tesco Boosts Health Reputation with Complete Ban on Checkout Confectionaries

Following increasing pressure from customers and the Government, Tesco has made the decision to remove all sweets and chocolates from all its store checkouts nationwide.

Tesco says that opting for a complete ban of sweet treats at checkout came as a result of research it undertook, which found that 65% of shoppers thought this would help them make healthier eating choices, while 67% of parents were in favour because it would help them make better choices for their children.

Additionally, in October the Government put the goal of having supermarkets get rid of checkout treats back on their "Responsibility Deal" agenda commitments, as part of their wider aim to help improve UK health.

Instead of the traditional confectionary offerings at checkout, Tesco will trial a variety of healthier products at checkout by the end of the year.

Tesco's complete ban is the biggest step of the major four UK supermarkets. Morrisons will look to offer consumers a choice by removing sweets, crisps and chocolate from one in five checkouts at its larger supermarkets by July; Sainsbury's will continue offering checkout confectionery at its smaller convenience stores; while Asda prefers to offer customers a range of different products at checkout (including confectionaries, batteries, magazines and toiletries).

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