TalkTalk Undergoes Branding Revamp to Differentiate from Competitors

With the aim of better engaging consumers and communicating their new broader range of services, telecom company TalkTalk has undergone a brand identity update which injects more creativity and emotive feel into their marketing.

TalkTalk have used the adjectives "emotive", "punchy", "vibrant" and "simple" to describe the brand update, which was produced by the CHI & Partners ad agency.

The new marketing will kick off with a TV ad premiering on 30 August during the first show in the new series of X Factor (which TalkTalk also sponsors).

In addition to the fresh creative, TalkTalk has formulated a new set of customer pledges called "Brighter Basics" to support the brand revamp, namely "always save you money", "always the best online" and "always going further".

This new approach and increased marketing investment marks a shift away from the company's previous strategy of relentlessly focussing on price - they now hope to differentiate themselves from competitors by communicating an appealing brand storey.

TalkTalk Consumer Commercial Director, Olivia Streatfeild, commented: "The last couple of years we have seen tremendous growth, two years ago we were just a phone and broadband business. Now we are quadplay, meaning we have entered a more emotive place in terms of what we offer customers."

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