Survey Unveils the Priorities and Concerns of UK Marketers in 2015

New data published in a report by ALF has revealed that as many as 84% of UK marketers are looking to maintain or increase their ad spend in 2015.

The data was derived from a survey of 40,000 contacts at 6,000 major UK brands and their agencies. It also showed that 38% of marketers plan to shift their budget from traditional mass advertising to personalised digital channels, including websites (64%) and events (45%).

Additionally, despite the fact that social media has not been proved to deliver targeted results, this medium is central to UK marketing strategies in 2015. A total of 64% of the survey respondents view social media as a "critical enabler of products and services", compared to 25% in 2014. Marketing budgets are currently being pointed at social more than any other digital marketing channels.

The study also discovered the biggest stress points for marketers this year - limited staff topped the list for almost two-fifths (37%) of respondents, while approximately 91% of senior executives said it is a priority to bring in more help to drive web traffic to their site.

Second on the list (21%) of major stress points is limited budget, with the majority of those who rated this concern having less than 2% of their company's revenue to spend on marketing.

Thirdly, 11% of those interviewed are worried that marketing continues to be seen as a business 'cost centre' instead of being perceived as an effective way to boost profit.

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