SSE Focuses on Becoming More Customer-data Driven with CRM Overhaul

Energy firm SSE is planning to overhaul their CRM strategy, having realised that their previous "patchwork" CRM approach left them lagging behind competitors.


SSE has admitted that because they previously used a number of creative shops plus their own in-house team to work on different areas of the customer experience, the result was fragmentation. They are now looking for a single agency to shape their CRM strategy.

The company is keen on developing a more seamless interaction between shopper data, media consumption and customer attitudes. They are engaged in mapping the entire customer journey across all touch points to try and create more personalised experiences that will bring them closer to their homeowner customers.

SSE's recently appointed CMO, Jenny Ashmore, explained that they have also scrapped cold calling potential consumers and that their CRM overhaul reflects how "serious" they are about being customer-data driven.

Ashmore commented: "We're no longer cold calling and I think that shows we really want to improve the level of service for our customers. What we're working on now is how to tie together all the different parts of the customer journey and make them work as one. It's about looking at how we get the right tempo between those channels and build more relevant and targeted customer relationships."

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