Sainsbury's Tackles Competitors with Fresh Marketing Tactics

Sainsbury's is gearing to take on competitors such as Asda and Tesco with a shift in marketing strategy and a new campaign.

Their latest marketing campaign is comprised of three parts - "clear and consistent" prices and "fairer" promotions (unlike rivals such as Tesco which they claim has confusing price tactics); a price-matching scheme that will see it go head to toe with Asda which is currently the market leader on price; and a focus on values by highlighting the sourcing and quality USPs of its own-label food.

In an interview with Marketing Week, Sainsbury's Marketing Director Sarah Warby commented: "We have a really good news story for our customers that surprises them because it's a different expectation, so why wouldn't we draw that comparison deliberately? We aren't setting out to poke anyone in the eye but sometimes you have to use a benchmark otherwise the story just gets really complicated."

She added: "We are going heavier on a price promise, rather than price, and resetting the way we talk about price. Everyone has a slightly different definition of what good values means and it's a combination of price, quality and values, plus the service you experience in store, the convenience. My job is to move the graphic equalizer up and down."

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