Report Suggests UK Marketers Ambitious but Not Focussed on Priorities

According to a report by Cranfield University's School of Management, the fact that 87% of UK marketers ambitiously plan to grow their market share this year is at odds with a "worrying lack of attention" from this sector when it comes to product and service innovation as well as capturing newly developing economies.

The report's authors, Dr Stan Maklan and Dr Radu Dimitriu, commented: "This possibly paints a picture of willing the ends but not the means. We seem to have stronger share, growth and customer acquisition ambitions in the UK, but are less likely than in other countries to follow a policy of breakthrough innovations. What emerges is a picture of marketing leaders understanding 'the what' of success but not necessarily 'the how to' achieve it through building influence and collaboration."

In addition, the report suggests that while the functional priority for UK marketers appears to be taking advantage of new opportunities afforded by technology, they are running the risk of falling behind other countries by failing to focusing enough on measurement, accountability, developing skills and growing market share.

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