Reebok Boosts Efforts to Deliver Compelling Content and Integrated Branding

In the hope of reaching its fans more effectively with targeted multi-channel campaigns, Reebok has announced it is adding new talent to its marketing team to generate insight and opportunities on the branded content side.

Their new "Production Studio" will launch later this year to revitalise and quicken the creation of targeted content to customers. Meanwhile, Reebok's recently unveiled "Digital Hub" is now being used to understand the relevancy of existing promotions and how customers receive them.

For the past five months, Reebok has been focussing on developing tools to mine valuable consumer insights and identify opportunities from conversations happening within its online communities. It plans to use the findings to ensure future campaigns are more in synch with customer interests, as well as reflect the company's brand ethos of a 'fuller life through fitness'.

Chief Marketing Officer at Reebok, Matt O'Toole, commented: "We're taking a more direct, one-to-one approach to reaching our target consumer than we have in the past. In order to reach our target consumer, we have to understand them and what they want. We know they live a fitness lifestyle and that fitness plays a huge part in their life and they want content that supports this."

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