Phones 4u Launches New Campaign to Reposition Brand as Customer Centric

Phones 4u has invested in a multi-million pound marketing campaign for a brand positioning shift that will see qualities such as knowledge and trust coming to the forefront over product and price.

With the title "For the future you", the new ad campaign launches today (17 July). It borrows from the film 'Back to the Future' by featuring a customer and Phones 4u employee transported two years into the future in the same DeLorean car.

The concept is based on research carried out by Phones 4u which found that with the rapid evolution of mobile technology, many consumers are worried that their phones will be out-of-date in the near future. Thus the campaign aims to highlight the specialist store teams which will get to know each customer's needs before selling them a handset as their main point of differentiation over competitors.

Marketing Director at Phones 4u, Ben Padley, commented on the company's new "brand truth": "We took a step back and had a look at Phones4u. We found we had great brand credibility and awareness among our core audience where we are seen as trusted, irreverent and established. We wanted to shout about that. We are determined to start to advertise beyond product and price."

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