Online Marketers in Uproar over Proposals for Stringent, Unified Data Laws

This weekend in a television interview, the German Chancellor called for stricter data protection laws to be implemented across the entire European Union.

If the proposals see the light of day, it would force Internet service providers plus brands such as Facebook and Google to be more transparent about how user data is stored and used.

A pan-European data protection policy would also entail Internet service providers having to unify their data policies, which could potentially restrict how marketers target their online campaigns.

In contrast, the current situation is that brands need only comply with data protection policies country-by-country across the EU, with laws varying greatly.

The proposal is causing heated debate, however already there are moves underway to improve and harmonise data protection laws across the 27 EU member states.

Nevertheless, a recent draft of the bill, issued last month by the Irish presidency of the EU Council, advocated a directive as opposed to direct legislation, which would not be as stringent for online marketers.

Meanwhile, the Direct Marketing Association has said that previous versions of the bill, which call for harsher policies, would be "disastrous" for business.

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