Neuroscience Gives The Post Office an Effective Marketing Steer

Having commenced a major brand overhaul almost a year ago under the direction of newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer Pete Markey, The Post Office is now looking to neuroscience to facilitate understanding of successful positioning to multi-channel consumers.

Markey commented: "The way of research is fundamentally changing. When I started my career at British Gas, you'd do a campaign and get customers in a room behind a sheet of glass and be there sipping beer and eating sandwiches with eight people who were meant to be representing the UK. You'd show them the storyboard and hope they like it."

"Now, the role that neuroscience plays is beginning to be more widely embraced by marketers who are more frequently turning to things like brain-mapping to gather data on memory, attention, engagement and emotion towards brands and marketing activity. Neuroscience is a great way of going a bit deeper. We did this with our potential brand purpose routes to really get to grips with the way the brain works and understands messages."

Speaking at The Drum's Digital Convergence conference today (February 24), Markey also explained how his assumption was proved wrong concerning consumers caring most about The Post Office being a trusted brand: "What became clear from the neuroscience research is while that does matter, it's not the tipping point for people to change their view of the brand. What really matters is that The Post Office is a powerful facilitator. We help people get things done. All the things we do lead on to more important things and if we're a block then we frustrate that process."

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