National Lottery Endures Lukewarm Reaction to Lotto Game Changes

New data from YouGov has revealed that the National Lottery's brand index has dropped, with customers turned off by recent changes to the Lotto game as well as the cost of tickets being doubled in price.

In September, National Lottery operator Camelot launched its "biggest ever" marketing campaign to communicate the Lotto changes that are due to come into effect this month, however YouGov's BrandIndex suggests the initial consumer reaction to the overhaul is less than enthusiastic.

The National Lottery's current index rating, which spans the average consumer score given for quality, value, satisfaction, recommendation, reputation and impression, has dropped four points in the four weeks to 10 October (a decrease from +1.0 to -3).

More specifically, the brand's 'impression' rating dropped from 13 to 6 during the period, while its 'satisfaction' score dropped from 6.7 to 3.1, and overall 'purchase intent' has also slumped from 18.3 to 17.7.

Camelot Marketing Director, Sally Cowdry, commented: "The launch of new Lotto represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make the changes needed to reinvigorate players' interest in the game, reverse its sales decline and get it back into growth."

In addition, while she acknowledges that their ticket price hike will lead to an immediate drop in brand metrics, she maintains that the "needed" changes to their Lotto proposition gives participants more chances to win prizes, which will help reverse their sales decline.

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