Marketing Industry Reaction to New Apple iPhone 5 Release is Lacklustre

While Apple have generated much hype around their new release of the iPhone 5S with finger print technology and the more affordable 5C model with a plastic back, the immediate reaction from industry experts has been somewhat lukewarm, with comments about the Apple brand losing its marketing focus.

Head of Innovation at Carat, Matthew Knight, has stated that Apple's launches "have lost their interest" and while the company is still delivering reliable, premium quality devices, "they've become an iterative business".

Knight added: "From an advertising perspective, I'm more interested in the leaps and bounds forward, and would love to see glimpses of the future which technology like TouchID [inside the 5S device] delivers. However, I think they're more likely to focus on broadly applicable themes... Apple haven't lost me as a customer, but they're not blowing me away with radical innovation, as they did for many years."

Meanwhile, Millward Brown's EMEA Vice President Anastasia Kourovskai commented that Apple has gradually been "losing its edge in innovation" to Samsung: "In this age of considerate consumption, the desire to have the latest model - which may only have a few minor refinements - has waned, and clear benefits and value have become more important. Whereas the fingerprint sensor is a huge breakthrough from a purely technical point of view, it remains to be seen whether this adds enough relevant value to encourage consumers to upgrade."

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