Klout Retailer Social Media Score Finds Sainsbury's in Top Position

According to new research commissioned by social media analytics company Klout, Sainsbury's is the current crown holder of retailers with the biggest online social influence in the UK.

The 'Klout Score' allocates a numerical value between 1 and 100 that ranks users according to online social influence. Their 'Klout 25: Retail Edition' is based on the IMRG Top 50 Online Retailer Ranking List and corresponds to Klout Scores.

Retailers that scored within the Top 25 used social media in every part of the customer journey to help shoppers with purchasing decisions, such as branded content, owned communities and influencer campaigns.

The retailers in the top positions following Sainsbury's (which scored 87.75), were Marks and Spencer (87.31), Debenhams (86.23), John Lewis (85.31), Matalan (82.81) and Asos (82.44).

Chief Marketing Officer of Lithium Technologies which conducted the Klout research, Katy Keim, commented: "These retailers understand that six out of seven customers are starting their shopping experience online. They are the social innovators that weave social content into their larger digital strategies to create a layer of influence and trust with customers."

She added: "It's time for other retailers to wake up. Customers expect instant customer service, personalised offers and perks no matter where they are."

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