Industry Experts on Drum Search Awards Panel Offer Key Insight

The judges of the Drum Search Awards have today highlighted the importance of search as the foundation of digital and a vital component in business and campaign success.

Director of Performance at Google, Matt Bush, commented:"The core value of search is the richness of what it tells us about human behaviour... Brands that understand these stories and use them to connect with people on a personal level achieve massive impact. Ultimately search is about discovery... We need to remind marketers of the magic of search and the opportunity to tap into a database of intentions in order to get their message out at the right moment, in front of the right audience."

Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Telefonica, Stuart Bryce, gave his opinion: "The culture of an organisation helps to determine the amount of recognition search marketing obtains... Obtaining not only the buy-in from key internal stakeholders, but their long-term interest through regular dialogue and sharing of results is key to the ongoing success of search."

Chief Executive at iProspect UK, Chris Whitelaw, stated: "Search provides us with the most exciting data available to a marketer. We don't need to infer the wishes of users, they're literally telling us and telling us now."

Head of Biddable International at Starcom MediaVest Group, Oscar Romero, said: "There is a perception that search is too technical to understand, however search buying is evolving from keyword buying to audience targeting."

Founder and Managing Director of VCCP Media, Paul Mead, gave his insight: "Search marketing has become heavily commoditised over the last few years and this has created increasing commercial pressures in the market to do more with less in terms of resource. It's perceived as a 'workhorse channel' rather than one where innovation is still critical. This has created a market where opportunities are being missed and there is a huge difference between average and great search marketing."

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