Iceland Slammed by Consumer Watchdog for Misleading Advertising

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that an Iceland ad released in February is banned in its current format for being misleading.

In the wake of the UK horsemeat scandal, Iceland's strapline 'Food You Can Trust' aimed to reassure the public about its products. The supermarket also questioned the methods used by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) when testing their meat for horse DNA in the ad. Iceland slammed the FSAI (which found traces of horse meat in two of their branded Quarter Pounder burgers) for not being fully accredited and for running tests that used lower equine DNA thresholds than accepted as standard elsewhere.

They further claimed "accredited independent laboratories" ran two further tests and "found no evidence of contamination".

Consumer watchdog ASA banned the ad for untruthfully denigrating the FSAI because Iceland failed to point out that the initial tests they carried out are widely recognised as standard in the US, and furthermore the FSAI carried out a second set of tests using an independently accredited laboratory.

Following this wrap on the knuckles, Iceland has amended the ad and admitted on its website that the FSAI's test results were valid in that they indeed found a small amount of equine DNA in certain beef burgers.

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