HTC to Roll Out Major New Brand Campaign Featuring Robert Downey Jr

Mobile manufacturer HTC is gearing to launch a multi-million pound brand campaign that will see last year's highest paid Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. promoting their new strapline "Here's to change".

Aiming to outdo big spending rivals and turn the tides on its recent drop in sales, HTC's humorous campaign plays on their brand name. Downey Jr. will play the role of a Creative Director, coming up with several acronyms such as "hipster troll carwash" and "humongous tinfoil catamaran" for the company's executives.

Created by 171, the multi-media project represents the first time that HTC has launched a major brand campaign rather than focusing purely on product. They will equal the $1bn spent on product marketing in the last financial year to invest in the new brand platform.

The campaign launches on 15 August across TV, cinema, print and outdoor. It also includes a digital acronym generator for consumers to create their own version of what HTC stands for.

HTC Vice President of Marketing for EMEA, Martin Kang, explained that the choice of Downey Jr. as a brand ambassador highlights the "unconventional" HTC brand and the fact that it "stands for change".

He commented: "This is a not a normal endorsement deal, where he holds the product in his hand and says something stupid about it. He has contributed a lot to the final ads and future creative. This is a long major two-year deal that he would not have agreed to do if it was cheesy."

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