Holland & Barrett Looks to Engage Younger Audience with New Campaign

Holland & Barrett has invested £600k on an integrated ad campaign designed to modernise the brand and increase its appeal amongst a younger audience.

The campaign centres on the promotion of the health food chain's 'Weird and Wonderful' snail gel product range.

The first TV ad kicks off tomorrow (Thursday 27 November) during the broadcast 'I'm a Celebrity' - it ties into Holland & Barrett celebration of their one year anniversary since the launch of their snail product range, and will highlight new items such as serums and hand creams. A second chain's 'Weird and Wonderful' ad will be released in in February next year.

For the first time in the 94-year old brand's marketing history, the campaign will be heavily supported by social media, reflecting their desire to engage with the younger health conscious demographic and better leverage their innovative snail product range.

Holland & Barrett's Chief Marketing Officer, Lysa Hardy, commented: "We've got some slightly unusual products that you can't buy anywhere else on the High Street, and there is a younger consumer now who is much more educated about health and well-being. They are more interested in what's going into the products they put on their skin and these weird and wonderful products really resonate with them."

She added: "What we're trying to do is find the right mediums and media to reach those customers and tell them about Holland & Barrett and perhaps get them to come in and discover something about us that they didn't know."

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