Heineken to Unveil High-End Appliance for Enhanced 'At-Home Drinking Experience'

Following from its global tie-up with industrial designer Marc Newson, Heineken is gearing for the unveiling of a new appliance that is expected to "revolutionise the way beer is experienced and enjoyed at home".

Over the past 12 months, the brewer has ramped up efforts to further incorporate design aspects into its marketing mix, with the aim of becoming the "Apple of beer brands". Their strategy is to follow in the footsteps of brands such as Apple, Audi and BMW by using quality of design to outshine competitors.

In addition, Heineken have explained that they have been tracking drinking trends and discovered that consumers are keen on an enhanced at-home drinking experience.

While the brewer has been tight lipped about their new product's specifications, all will be revealed at an official launch in Paris on 17 October.

Senior Director for innovation at Heineken, Francois-Xavier Mahot, commented: "We spotted the opportunity to create a premium but playful at home drinking experience for consumers. The success of products such as coffee machines shows the importance of developing an iconic high-end home appliance."

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