Heineken Cans Get Design Revamp to Entice the Modern Urban Drinker

To boost appeal amongst contemporary men living in urban cities, Heineken is ushering in a redesign of its beer cans which emphasises the sleek aluminium over the traditional green trademark to inspire a more "masculine", "thirst-quenching" feel.

Titled the "Star Can", this design revamp will be rolled out to all 170 countries where Heineken beer is sold - some markets will start selling it ahead of the profitable summer season, while it is already available in travel retail outlets across Western Europe.

Created by design agency DBOD, the update comes in a range of can sizes. The new look represents Heineken's first can packaging update in five years. In addition to playing down the green colour to dial up the aluminium, the white centre of the green logo has been replaced to balance with the rest of the updated design.

This move is part of a growing trend, particularly prevalent in the US, where both large and small brewery companies have redesigned their cans to better appeal to more discerning drinkers as well as to enhance the taste in line with manufacturing advancements which prevent canned beer from tasting like metal.

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