Healthy Food Campaigners Remain Unimpressed by McDonald's Nutritional Efforts

In light of growing pressure from Governments and consumers over the problem of obesity, McDonald's is ramping up efforts to offer fruit and vegetables options on its menus as well as market healthier alternatives to children.

The global fast-food chain will introduce changes that cover menus in 20 of their largest markets, which accounts for over 85% of its total sales, including the UK. It will however take McDonald's three years to roll out the changes in just half of the restaurants in the 20 major markets, with the remainder not receiving the updated menus until 2020.

This health shift is expected to cost around $35m (£21m), and reportedly includes a major marketing push covering in-store tools (such as menu boards) and national TV campaigns, aimed at helping customers to understand the new range of healthier options available and their nutritional impact.

While campaigners acknowledge these plans are a step in the right direction, they argue that McDonald's still has a long way to go to build a reputation as a healthy-eating destination.

Co-ordinator of the children's food campaign at charity Sustain, Malcolm Clark, commented: "We're pleased to see McDonald's change their tune. But why will it take until 2020 to enact the new healthier food measures across all their outlets? There is still much more that they - and other fast food outlets and restaurants - can do to promote healthier eating choices. Enabling families to eat out without being bombarded by logos and products from Coca-Cola, Cadbury's and other sugar-pushing brands really shouldn't be too much to ask."

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