Head of Search Advertising at Microsoft UK Provides Key SEO Insight for Marketers

Microsoft UK's Head of Search Advertising, Colm Bracken, has today (February 4) expressed his view of current SEO and its future moving forwards.

When asked where he thinks search is falling down at present, even though it is a 'crucial component to every marketer's brand strategy, Bracken replied: "The area where I feel search is still falling down is that it's still very much reactive. Much of the legwork is being done by consumers who use search engines to manually find what they are looking for. At Microsoft, we believe that we need to stop thinking about search solely in terms of typing a search query into a box on a website, in a browser, or on a PC."

He added: "Search can be a hugely powerful tool in understanding intent, and when combined with other data, it can understand more about the context of what the user is looking for and in return show better results. Marketers will need to keep pace with consumers who are now starting to expect much of their searching to be proactive on their behalf."

Asked whether 'we near an end to seeing people attempt to game the SEO system', Bracken responded: "Ultimately, it only harms brands to put completely irrelevant content, whether through SEO or advertising, in front of consumers who will either not notice or actively ignore. Good SEO is relatively straightforward and is underpinned by great content which remains a primary factor in ranking. That will never change. Being authoritative in your domain, providing great depth and utility and making content easy to find on your website will always trump anybody attempting to game the 'system'."

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