Government Gears for Major Campaign to Support Voter Registration Changes

The Government has earmarked £9.13 million for extensive awareness and promotional campaigns related to the overhaul of voter registration.

Set to roll out this July, the campaign is designed to raise public awareness about the new voter registration system - Individual Electoral Registration (IER) was passed into law last year and requires each member of a household to register to vote.

Traditionally, the "head of the household" was required to supply the names of registered voters at the address, but it is hoped that the new system will reduce registration fraud.

A DM campaign will begin in July to publically announce the Individual Electoral Registration change. This activity will be followed by a TV, press and online campaign in the second-half of 2014 as well as in the first-half of 2015 (to precede the general election in summer 2015).

In addition to this nationwide campaign, a portion of the £9.13m which the Government has allocated will be given to electoral registration offices for community communication campaigns on a local level.

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