Google Reveals Further Changes to Search Landscape

Lately at an industry event called SMX Advanced, the Head of Search Spam at Google Matt Cutts revealed some key new information about the algorithm changes that have been rocking the search and SEO landscape.

Firstly, Google's Panda algorithm is still being updated approximately every month but the releases are now happening more slowly, in smaller increments. This follows from their announcement in March that Google will stop announcing Panda updates because they will become consistent, rolling monthly updates instead, over approximately a 10 day cycle.

Google are also introducing a 'Payday Loan Algorithm', which will see them targeting 'spammy' industries for black hat SEO, including the dubious linking tactics they typically use.

A further penalty algorithm being ushered in by Google relates to mobile website speeds - in addition to the mobile website ranking demotions due to poor customer experience that Google announced yesterday morning, they will also be adding a ranking factor to mobile search results based on the speed of loading time on mobile web pages. They have not announced however what speed times will be penalised.

Other announcements were that Google Webmaster Notifications are to finally reveal example URLs - most, if not all manual penalty notification emails from Webmaster Tools will soon include a few examples of the problem so that webmasters can better understand how to fix the issues.

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